Grow Castle Hack – Unlimited Gold and Crystals

Are you want to get an unlimited amount of gold and crystals? You don’t want to spend countless hours in order to obtain these resources? We introduce you, our grow castle hack. If you want to be the best player or just accomplish each wave much easier you can’t miss that. Now you have an opportunity to obtain as many resources as you want thanks to our web-based, easy to use generator. Sounds good, right?

get unlimited resources with our grow castle hack

What is Grow Castle?

Simply, it is a mobile tower defense game with a large number of players. This game has simple graphics, but it is incredibly fun and really addictive. A lot of heroes, units, buildings, items give you a chance to find the best strategy to defeat hundreds of enemy units and believe me – it is not that easy. All heroes have special abilities and you level them up to be stronger. They also may have a lot of different items, which cause they are stronger. So the main goal of the game is to upgrade your heroes, units, buildings etc. in order to be stronger and stronger. I said earlier that game is really fun and addictive and of course it is true. But after playing hours it may be a little bit boring to farm all these resources when you actually all the time doing the same. That’s why we created our tool.


Gold is the most important resource in the game. With every wave, this game gets harder. On first levels, you can say it is pretty easy and you won’t need that much gold, but believe me, it will be a lot harder and you will need a lot of gold. The best way to earn gold is to max out your gold bonus, upgrade your colonies and workers. You can have a lot of colonies, but only 10 workers. Another great way to obtain gold is to watch ads – yes, it was boring for me too. But now, you don’t have to thanks to our grow castle cheats. You can spend your generated gold on everything you want – buildings, troops etc. which give you a big advantage.


Crystals are way harder to get than gold. Yes, of course, you can get it for free, but in small amounts – for example, you get one crystal after every wave you accomplished. Crystals are also very important in this game and unfortunately, if you want a big amount of crystals, the main way to obtain is real money. You can spend your crystals for example on unit upgrades.

How to hack grow castle?

As I said earlier, it is really easy. We created our tool for people, which doesn’t want to spend their money and for people, which are bored with all that countless hours of grind. We spent really long time developing this and finally, we created generator, which is very easy to use. Also, you don’t have to download anything, works on every device, you can use it whenever and wherever you want. This tool doesn’t require any jailbreak or root or connecting your device to a computer. After weeks of testing and improving our security system, we can say that our generator works incredibly fast and safe – all the merit of anti-robot system.

How to use this tool?

Just click the button below or above. You will be redirected exactly to our generator. Then type in your username, and choose how much gold and how many crystals you want to be added. Our server will be informed about all these information and these resources will be ready to add. Finally, you have to do our anti-robot system verification. That’s all, now you can enjoy your resources!

The benefits of using our generator

Why should you use this generator?

★ Free Gold – Get the most important resource in the game – as many as you want. Upgrade your heroes, units, everything you want with an unlimited amount of gold!

★ Free Crystals – Don’t waste real money on crystals and get an unlimited amount of crystals too!

★ Every device supported – You are on phone right now? Or maybe it is broken now and you have access only to your computer? No problem, our tool supports every device – doesn’t matter on which device you want to add resources.

★ You don’t have to download anything – You heard that if you want to have unlimited resources you must root or jailbreak your phone or download something? Not on our website. You can use our generator without download anything. You don’t have to download any mod or hacked apk. Just follow steps mentioned earlier – then you can enjoy your resources!

★ Fast in use – Are you in a hurry? Are you on your way to school or job and have 5 minutes of free time? No problem. These 5 minutes is enough. You can generate resources in just a few minutes!

★ Always up to date – New update in Grow Castle? That’s great, new content in this great game! Our tool is always up to date, every time Grow Castle release new update we are updating our generator too!

★ Save a lot of time – Are you bored of 8 hours grinding? Are you still doing the same thing? Don’t waste that time and get unlimited amount of resources!

hack grow castle

What next? – Short game guide

Okay, so now you have a huge amount of resources but what next? What is best strategy? There are a lot of upgrades, heroes, items etc. so you can be confused which you should choose. I love afk build because game clears wave without my help and I can do something else. So let’s start with heroes.


You need heroes which summon units mostly. So my choice is of course Lisa, Alice and Dorothy and Druid. I choose also: Sniper, Dark Elf, Mechanic Ram II, Dark Assassin, Dark Bow Master, Dark Ice Wizard and Lightning Wizard. One slot is free so you can choose your favorite hero. I recommend hero with good damage per second. This is a great combination of stun, damage and protection against air units(focus wizards on them). My hero choice is Thor because of his % of total damage.


My motto is the best defense is a good offense. Before we developed our generator I used a combination of damage and gold farming items so – Gold Bar, Golden Heart, Cursed Knife, Power Glove and Sharp Arrow. You no longer need any gold farming items, now you need as many as possible damage so you can replace every item which generates gold on more damage or critical etc.


At the beginning, I used trophy, golden tree, cannon and thunder tower II. Now you can swap trophy to air turret for better defense against air troops. Cannon is great against ground units, thunder tower is versatile, good against both ground and air units.


As I said earlier – the best defense is a good offense so my choice is Archer Guild, Hero’s Guild and Tower. These buildings give you good buff to your damage.

If you want to play manually you should experiment and find the best strategy which suits you. There is a lot of items, heroes etc. so you can try plenty different combinations.

I think that’s all. Have fun!